I'm Ilenia Circolani, a proud Italian Woman that loves Fashion, Colours, Design and my Country!
I was first and foremost a fan and client of Manualmentebijoux, and then my love for this Brand led me to recommend it to those I love. Manualmentebijoux has been created by a family friend, and I immediately started to love her idea to ‘deliver’ a bit of Italian design through real ‘handmade’ and unique Jewel Accessories.


After my moving in Singapore a Charity Event created the opportunity to start. I realized that I was enjoying to share my passion for Manualmentebijoux’s creations proposing here a piece of Italy.


What is really inspiring us it's the desire to spread Italian culture and tradition. In each element of our Collection you will find "a bit" of Italy: in the materials we are using and in the creations we are designing.


When a piece of jewellery is displayed in a shop, surrounded by hundreds of other designs all dazzling you at the same time, it can be hard to pick out the right thing.
Take that process online and you’re presented with a curated selection of pieces tailored to your style preferences, all within a few clicks and comfortably from your smartphone.

It’s a way for me to share the ‘treasure’ and the historical tradition of my Country, all around the world. 

Why Choose
Italian Hands


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Italian High Quality

A real Made in Italy

Unique Design

Pick up a Unique Design

A piece of Italy

Wear a real handmade jewels

Why Choose
Italian Hands

Capsule Collection

Cheongsam Inspirations

Collection created in collaboration with the Chinese Cheongsam Association.

Three models of earrings inspired by the painted silks of cheongsams and then presented at the Life Art Society Artist ‘Orchid Choengsam Fashion Show

Neima Sitawi

Collection created in collaboration with the fashion designer Neima Sitawi.

Four models of earrings available.