Vittoria Curcio

Italian Designer


Vittoria Curcio was born in Calabria, a region of southern Italy full of traditions and colors. The law course ends at the University of Florence to later find her true passion in art. After having completed various courses and artistic workshops and lived in different parts of the world such as France and Portugal, she finally arrives in Mexico and in 2010 creates Aeneid.


Eneide young, the line we propose here was born from the return to Italy after 19 years, from the abandonment of the Mexican hand and from the entry into a young world, made of small semiprecious pieces, of almost invisible jewels but full of light because the youth 'needs little to be beautiful. All jewels are strictly handmade in Italy, in 925 silver and natural semi-precious stones. We do not use anything that does not come from a wise respect for nature.

"Eneide is an epic work by the Latin poet Virgil. It tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan prince, who with the fall of the city embarks on a long journey through the Mediterranean that leads him to the coasts of Lazio. The place seemed to him 'suitable for founding a city' that would have had more glory than Troy: Rome, the eternal city where everything happened.

Eneide is the story of an escape and a journey, a journey that will eventually take you home, another home that will be your home. This is my story, a traveling story, made up of happiness and sacrifices, of tears and new beginnings. Eneide jewels is another beginning. Born 9 years ago in Mexico from the dream of uniting two worlds, the Mexican hand and the Italian spirit.​"